Mobility in history

Themes in Transport

In its second Yearbook, the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) has brought together 28 scholars from eleven countries on four continents to review recent scholarship on mobility in history. Besides reviews of research in diverse countries, this edition brings attention to underserved subdisciplines and topics, such as gender and mobility, maritime history, aeromobility, carpooling, and bicycles. This year, the Yearbook also features a retrospective review of John McKay's classic Tramways and Trolleys (1976) in a section that includes an interview with the author and a collection of historical review essays on trams in five countries. True to T2M's interdisciplinary spirit, the review essays go beyond transportation modes and artifacts to include the broader social systems in which mobility figures.

Mobility in history. Themes in Transport
Alphil PUS
Clarsen Georgine
Mom Gijs
Norton Peter
Pirie Gordon
Histoire des transports du tourisme et du voyage
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Mom Gijs

Gijs Mom is Programme Director for Mobility History within the Foundation for the History of Technology, at Eindhoven University of Technology, and he teaches at this university on subjects related to the history of technology, innovation and design.

He is editor of The Journal of Transport History. In November 2003 he co-founded the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) of which he was nominated President. He is Chair of the Board of Directors of the European Centre for Mobility Documentation (ECMD) in Eindhoven.

Norton Peter

Norton Peter

Peter Norton : is assistant professor in the history of technology at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Fighting Traffic : The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City (MIT Press, 2008), and of "Street Rivals : Jaywalking and the Invention of the Motor Age Street" (Technology and Culture, 2007), which won the Usher Prize of the Society for the History of Technology.

Clarsen Georgine

Georgine Clarsen is a Senior Lecturer in the History and Politics Program, Faculty of Arts, The University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, where she teaches Australian history and environmental history. Her research interests include the history of technology, with a special focus on gender and automobiles, and the place of automobiles in shaping ideas of nation. The Johns Hopkins University Press published her 2008 book Eat My Dust : Early Women Motorists.

Pirie Gordon

Gordon Pirie works in Cape Town at the Department of Geography in the University of the Western Cape. Grasping the new season’s nettles, he thinks his research is probably about space, identity, mobility and sustainability. He is the author of Air Empire : British Imperial Aviation, 1919-39 (Manchester University Press, 2009).